Ipo huat Versalink holdings

Yes it is another ipo huat huat i earned 100plus by getting 3 lots of versalink at 30cents and sold it off on ipo date at 34.5.

Well what pushed me to go for it is because i see even carpet can go beyond ipo price so why not this haha

But overall the market sentiment is poor right now and there is a constant voicr telling me cash is king and it is time to enter the market to pick up some undervalur stocks

Despite so i did not do so because the no 1 principle is that stocks cannot be over 1/3 of my total savings and it must be money that i am prepared tp take risk. So no no for now as i sit at the side watch the up and down

The top 3 stocks i be watching is
- sheng siong
- breadtalk
- cordlife

Hehe we shall c will be posting monthly portfolio report soon also

Continue to correct

As what i can see the market is dropping daily without any catalyst of recovering at the moment.

So what the right time to hit? I think we wun know wat ww can aim for is near the bottom to go in

It hard to judge base on the outside news so i think i will judge instead base on a company share. Meaning if i c a company that is really cheap after this and got prospect i will invest more

Minor correction or deeper correction ahead?

Argentina default, ukraine crisis, israsel – hamas war and ebola etc

Looks like all these and more news give a minor correction to the market.

I think the big boss are going to reap the profits in the near term to come and i see a deeper correction ahead

2014 mid yr report

Yeah i am coming up with this report similar to those annual report where i share my investment performance and since i am a programmer i am always thinking of using reporting tool to give a more detailed analysis like using pie chart and such.

My stocks portfolio

1. Mapleteee industrial trust
Current $1.435 – bought at $0.93 + dividends (2011 – $74.8, 2012 – $89.30, 2013 – $95.9, 2014 – $50.2) = $815.2

Comment: this is a stock i think can safety hold for long term as margin of safety is huge base on the profit i earn so far.

Current $1.055 – bought at $0.90 + dividends (2014 – $46) = $201

3. Hutchison Port Holding Trust
Current usd 0.74 – bought at usd 1.01
+ dividends (2011 – 14.30, 2012 – 47.4, 2013 – 45, 2014 – 22) = – sgd 175.47

4. Capitalmallasia bond

5. Oue commerical reit

6. Fraser hospitalty trust

7. Yoma


9. Super Coffee

Time to be fearful when others are greedy

Yes because i realize my exposure to stocks and bonds now comprise nearly 1/3 of my saving so it is time to be really cautious.

As of now i can safety say that my margin of safety has been reached and i should stop investing for rest of this year unless i see a fantastic opportunity or i get supplment income from my freelancing works

Spackman, samudra energy and first sponsor

Suddenly the singapore ipo market is very hot. We have 3 new ipos coming up and my thoughts are as follows:

First sponsor: i will not ballot because it is mainly a china property play and we all know there is s potential china property bubble forming

Samudra energy: this look interesting since this is an oil and gas play. I just waiting for singapore ipo review before deciding whether to try this out for some kopi lui

Spackman: on one glance, it also look interesting since it is s korean film production company. But taking a closer look, the film industry is very compeitive and i dont c this stock having the compeitive edge to succeed. Will give it a miss

Why i am buying starburst ipo?

Initally i wasnt very interested in their business since they are an engineering group but mr ipo covered them very well and give them a 3 chilli rating.

As such i decided i will simply ballot 1 lot and will dump if can make a small profit.

Wish me luck :)